design your own shorts. Colour Goup ONE

Top photo, from the top down:
light aqua blue

Bottom photo, from the top down:
cornflower blue
pale pink
light aqua blue
pale apricot

These shorts are made from a vintage chenille blanket and are the original colour. I don't dye the chenille. The material is in excellence condition and because it is chenille it can cope with quite a beating. All seams are overlocked for strength.

Throw it in the washing machine and dryer, soak it in nappy solution!

All my designs have been made for plenty of growth up and out. Size 4 and above come with a drawstring as well.

To design your own shorts:
Choose a size (6m, 12m, 18m, 1y, 2y, 3y, 4y, 6y, 8y, 10y and 12y)
Choose a base colour from those above.
Choose a motif (starts, heart, flower, initial, fish, have a look at the other posts)
Choose a motif colour (all the colours above plus PURPLE, RED, ORANGE, BRIGHT PINK, BRIGHT AQUA, LIME GREEN AND BRIGHT GREEN)
Choose motif placement, on the end of the leg or on the bottom.
Choose the length of the short, mid thigh or around the knee.

Email me on to order.
6m to 2y are $24 plus postage ($4 within Australia per pair) if needed.
3y to 6y are $26 plus postage
8y to 12y are $30 plus postage.

Other colours such as shorts made from red, purple, lime green, floral prints, hot pinks and orange are priced differently. For details about these other colours contact me.

Quilts. A range of sizes and colour combinations available.
Blues, oranges and pinks are pictured.
Backings range from 1960's era pristine flannette to polar fleece.

Kids medium, pale pink hat. Other colours and sizes, including adults, available.

THIS was one of my first designs more than 10 years ago and has been a popular t-shirt ever since.

Size 10 black tshirt with SKULL motif. Other sizes available.

6m to 18 lime (really bright colour may not show up properly on your monitor) shorts with fringe

Size 6m to 18m's white shorts

Size 4 to 6, yellow shorts with red star. Other sizes available.

Size 4 to 6 yellow check shorts. other sizes available.

Size 4 to 6 watermelon shorts

Size 4 to 6 purple-blue shorts

Size 4 to 5 mustard shorts with aqua star

Size 4 to 6 liime green (monitor may not display how light and bright the colour is) shorts

Size 3 mustard dress with lime green flowers.

Size 3 to 4 pale pink dress. with heart motif, many sizes available

Size 2 yellow shorts

Size 2 yellow shorts with red star. Other sizes available.

Size 2 yellow fringe shorts.

Size 2 pink 'wave' shorts

Size 2 shorts, mustard with fringe

size 2 LONG pants in bright bright limey yellow, with fringe.

Size 2, aqua shorts with green fish motif. THESE HAVE BEEN GIFTED BUT MORE CAN BE MADE

Size 2 shorts bright, bright lime with fringe. Your monitor may not show just how BRIGHT this colour is.

Shorts, size 2 to 3, apricot spot pattern

Size 1 yellow shorts

Size 1 yellow check shorts, other sizes available

Size 1 shorts

Size 1 lilac shorts with star

Size 1 lilac stripped shorts

Size 1 dress, pale pink

Size 1 to 18m watermelon shorts

Size 1 to 18m pink shorts

Size 1 to 18m pale pink shorts

Size 0 baby hot pink tshirt with graduated pink heart motif

Pink dresses, size 6 to 8, one has a little heart motif as well.

puddles the monster, tickle me too much and you'll find out why I'm called Puddles.

Both dresses sized 6 to 8. One is in orange and one in the rare black and white material.

Shorts, both size four. One is black and white rare material, the other orange with aqua star.

Dresses, orange with aqua motifs. Size 4 with stars, Size 6 with flowers. SAME MATERIAL USED, JUST DIFFERENT LIGHTING.

Black and white rare combination. Size 2 shorts. GIFTED BUT MORE AVAILABLE

miss claire and miss camille

Miss Claire loves housework but hates eating her vegetables. Her favourite colour is red, 'cause it matches her flowers.
Miss Camille is a quiet little monster, but her eyes watch everything. She loves hugs but hates bedtime.


Pinkazoid– known as Pinky.
Hates cleaning her room but loves eating Nutella from the jar.


Floral long pants, size 1. rare but plenty of this fabric left.

Pale pink dress with pink heart, sizes 6m to 6 years.

Red stripe dress, size 4. rare.